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We are here to simplify your life and handle all the tasks that come with relocating. Ready, Set, Moves values are built around providing individuals and companies in Washington, D.C. Maryland, Virginia, and beyond with the highest level of service. We help clients live, work, and move!

Each Relocation Specialists is compassionate and have the first-hand experience with relocating individuals, families, and employees. At Ready, Set, Moves details matter. We are constantly driven by innovation and problem-solving. Our unique relationship with each client is built on trust and making every aspect of their relocation easier. We improve the way people live life through our services.

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It was a pleasure to use Ready, Set, Moves, for me it was having a family to make sure that all loose ends were in place.

Moving a family of eight is no walk in the park! With my husband already gone and working from his new office, I was not looking forward to having to plan everything. Professional, dependable, and knowledgeable, Ready. Set. Moves provided us with everything we needed to relocate from one state to the next as smoothly as possible.

Ready Set Moves is AMAZING!!! My husband’s job requires him to relocate often. We have used different relocation companies in the past, and they did not meet our expectations. Ready Set Moves provided a different experience. From the beginning, they recommended an AWESOME realtor who helped us find a lovely home. They told us exactly what they would do and went above & beyond. They did not disappoint. Our relocation process with Ready Set Moves was smooth, comfortable & above all STRESS-FREE. I would use their services again!